stress free

Events scheduling + costs splitting, without the hassle

No credit card or sign-up required

How does it work?

STEP 1. Create an event

Quickly set up a new event with title, location, participation fee (if required), participants required and available dates. No sign-up needed. Share the event link online among your friends/colleagues.


STEP 2. Gather participants

Let the participants reserve their spot by selecting their favorite dates among the available ones. If a participation fee is required they will be asked for credit card data through Stripe. No participation fee will charged until the minimum number of participants is reached and the event is confirmed


STEP 3. Confirm the event, get the fees

Once all the spots are filled for a certain date, confirm the event and collect the participation fees, which will be directly transferred to your Stripe account.


STEP 4. Enjoy it!

RoundOf: events scheduling + costs sharing, for your events, without the hassle.

Time to get together, have fun!


A simple price

0.5% + 50 cents

per paying participant

Stripe fees excluded
No credit card or sign-up required
by Mau